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Sticks and Stones - Savage Worlds

Last  weekend I played Sticks and Stones battle, and I liked it :)



A: d8, Sm: d4, Sp: d6, Str: d6, V: d6 Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6
Gear: Spears (Damage STR+1D6) Pace: 1 Hand; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5.

A: d8, Sm: d8, Sp: d6, Str: d8, V: d8 Fighting d8, Shooting d10, Throwing d10
Pace: 1 Hand; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6. Gear: Big Club (Damage STR+1D8)

A: d4, Sm: d6 (A), Sp: d6, Str: d12+4, V: d12 Fighting d8, Intimidation d12
Pace: 1 Hand; Parry: 6; Toughness: 15; Large: +2 to be hit; Tusks (Damage d12+4)

Round 1

Dealing the cards
 Group A -> 6      Group -> 8        Leader -> 10        Mammoths -> Q

 The groups are activated in card order (Ace, King, Queen, and so on). All of them run, so they add 1d6 to their distance. They roll a 6, so they advance 6 Nails (fingernails are used for movement instead of Knuckles due to the smaller figure scale). The cavemen all advance toward the Mammoths. The Mammoths move randomly; two head toward the cavemen, and one runs away.

Round 2

  Dealing the cards:
 Group A ->K club        Group -> 4        Leader -> K spade    Mammoths -> 2

 The Mammoths move randomly again; two head away from the Cavemen, but one Mammoth continues to run toward them.
Groups A and B move forward. Both throw spears. They each roll 1d6; they must get a 4+ (4 is the target number for all ranged weapons). Their roll is modified by -2 because they are at Medium range, but +2 is added because of the Mammoth’s size and an additional -2 to this attack since running.
The Leader, apparently still sleepy, just advances.

Round 3

 Dealing the cards:
 Group A-> 5        Group B-> 3        Leader-> Ace        Mammoths-> 6

 The Leader holds his action. He doesn’t have ranged weapons, so he prefers not to enter into mêlée until his men have shot the prey.
One stand from Group B throws Spears; they roll 1d6 +2/-2 and get a 3, so they miss. The Leader decides to come off hold and charge the Mammoth at this point. He rolls his Fighting (d8) with a +2 bonus (for the beast’s size) against the Mammoth’s Parry. He rolls a 1, so his total of 3 misses.
The other stand from Group B now throws Spears and gets a 6 to hit, so they roll again (any time the highest number on a die is rolled, the die is rolled again and the new roll is added; this is called an Ace). They roll a 1 on the second die, so their total is 6+1+2 = 9; this is a raise since it is 4+ above the base number to hit (4). They roll their Strength (1d6) + 1d6 for the Spear +1d6 for the raise. Their luck fails as they roll three ones for a total of 3, so they miss.
Group A now charges the Mammoth to help their comrades. The first stand rolls a d6 and gets a 5; with +2 added (bonus to attack a large creature) the total is 7, which hits (the Mammoth’s Parry is 6, so the roll had to be > 6). They roll to wound and get 3+1=4, which is far less than the 15 needed.
The Mammoth then attacks the hunters in Group A. It rolls a 5 (on its d8 Fighting die), so it hits. It rolls its Strength (d12+4) to wound, getting a 9+4=13 – enough to eliminate a stand. The leader, saddened by the loss of his men, decides not to do anything this turn.

Round 4

 Dealing the cards:
 Group A-> Q        Group B-> 10        Leader-> 4        Mammoths->; 6

The Leader summons his courage and charges the Mammoth with his Big Club. He rolls 1d8 (for Fighting) +2 (size bonus) +3 (gang up bonus) and gets a 6, which is barely enough to hit. He rolls 2d8, gets 7+8, rolls a d8 again since he got an Ace, and ends up with 20. The Mammoth’s Toughness is 15, so this is a raise, and it kills the Mammoth!
The furthest Mammoth moves randomly again, and the nearest Mammoth charges the hunters. He rolls 1d8 and gets a 3, which misses (the hunters’ Parry is 6).
Group B gives back the attack and rolls 1d6 +2 for the Mammoth’s size. They roll a 2 for a total of 4, which misses. [I added the +2 here, but lowered the roll. Also, should Group B get a gang up bonus?]
Group A charges the Mammoth, and one stand attacks with 1d6+2 for the gang up bonus and +2 for the Mammoth’s size. They get a 7, which hits. Their damage roll (2d6) is only 5, so they don’t hurt the Mammoth.
The other stand in Group A now attacks and gets an 8. When they roll damage, they get an 18 (2 lucky raises), which Shakes the Mammoth.

Round 5

 Dealing the cards:
 Group A-> 5        Group B-> J        Leader-> 2        Mammoths-> As

The furthest Mammoth moves and finishes its movement inside the forest; it is considered out of the battle.
The other Mammoth checks for Vigor to get rid of its Shaken status, and rolls 1d6, getting a 4. This means on its next turn, if it doesn’t suffer another Shaken, it would act normally; however, it does not get an action this turn.
The Leader now assaults the Mammoth with his 1d8 and gets a total of 14, which is a raise. He rolls a total of 15 for damage, so the Mammoth is Shaken again.
Group A now attacks the Mammoth, and hits with an 8. They roll their 2d6 for damage and get a total of 28 (including 3 Aces)! The Mammoth falls, and the hunt is over.


Miniatures from Irregular Painted and Gamed by Iván de la Osa
(with the fundamental help of Rob Lusk)

You can get a version of the hunting in a .PDF file from here.