viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010



Tusk includes rules for cavemen hunting mammoths using stone age weapons, fire, dogs and also heroes called Og! The mammoths are controlled by a reaction table so Tusk makes for an excellent solo game as well as one played by two or more players (whether in competition to get the mammoths or in co-operation).
Beyond mammoths, Tusk also includes rules for prehistoric beats to allow you to recreate Hollywood-esque cavemen versus dinosaur battles.
Additional rules allow you to include Victorian adventurers who discover beasts from forgotten ages on distant plateau in South America or Central Asia.

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Land Ironclads

 Is a ruleset for warfare in an alternative late nineteenth century, concentrating on combat on the ground in the same period. The kings of the battlefield are huge fighting machines, the land ironclads of the title, which cross the landscape on tracks, wheels or even primitive mechanical legs, dealing destruction wherever they go. Small steam-driven machines, known as contraptions (akin to the tanks of the First World War), scurry between the hulking ironclads creating their own smaller form of mayhem. More conventional infantry, cavalry and artillery units, albeit augmented with all manner of fantastic weaponry, add to the confusion. Above them giant aeronef, aerostat and aeroplanes fight their own battles in the sky while raining down bombs on the units below, even as underground infernal machines burrow through the earth into the heart of the Empire. Inspired by the works of authors such as George Griffiths, Albert Robida, William Le Queux, H.G.Wells and Jules Verne, Land Ironclads includes:
- full rules for land battles between the Great Powers, and Martian invaders, fully compatiable with Aeronef and Aquanef.
- geo-political timeline and military overview of Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, United States, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Spain and Martian invaders.
- statistics for over 200 different troop types and vehicles.

 Other day my personal review :)